Ruinous Writing

Please, if you’re interested in doing so, add your writing from Friday’s exercise in the comments below. As you’ll recall, the exercise was to write a description of your neighbourhood ‘in ruins’ (however you wish to view that concept).

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  1. My Dear Nash

    I was at a favourite old place yesterday and wondered if you had visited it yourself. I’m talking about so-called Boudicca’s Mound up on Hampstead Heath. I recall that you lived not far away in Eldon Road and imagined you may have spent time up there, grabbing some clean air for your beleaguered lungs during one of those awful pea-soupers. Yesterday the place was bathed in spring sunshine, which seems to lend everything a tinge of pastel primrose yellow.

    The woods are suffused with the glow of buds about to break. A beech hedge in winter leaf. Ruse Agaris

    It’s a Bronze Age barrow, so the legend that the Iceni Queen was interred here after the decisive battle with the Romans is fanciful. Out by a millennia!

    The place is high up on the Heath’s south side, and is crowned by a dozen or so dark Scots Pines and a spray of Ash, so that one gets something of the effect of the Clumps of which you are so fond. It has nothing like their majesty of course, but a sense of antiquity lingers.

    Wittenham, or Sinodun in its old name…The place has a compelling magic..

    They have recently stripped the mound of its scruffy hawthorn undergrowth , so that now one can appreciate the mound’s gentle symmetry, and the pines stand out more cleanly, tall and alert.

    They fell the forest at the back of my nose tomorrow, shortly after dawn. At St. Guy’s.

    Have you noticed how often these trees occur on Neolithic sites?. Their presence assures me that this is a burial mound of some forgotten chieftain, not the site of windmill, as has been suggested. It bears the stamp of some old king.

    Some people have also suggested it’s part of one Watkins’ Old Straight Tracks. I have seen a red-headed witch there with divining rods aloft. Lamia Rubens.

    Anyway Paul, I think I’ll get out my paintbox and have a go at capturing it.

    Regards to Bunty

    Pip Pip


    1. I enjoyed this Neil, it felt as if you’d really immersed yourself in Paul’s writings, pictures and ideas and were drawing on them to create your letter.

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